Sunday Mornings


On Sunday mornings we meet at 10 and are currently studying the book of Genesis. We spend time reading through a chapter at a time and then spend the last couple of minutes playing a jeopardy style of game that goes over the material we studied that morning. Sunday mornings are a great time for students to work on writing God's word on their heart, have fun with friends, and win some prizes!


Sunday Nights

 No Problem

Apologies are hard to give...and sometimes hard to receive. This month we are talking all things forgiveness. Including what real forgiveness is, what it looks like, and what to do with it!

 Wednesday Nights

Wednesday nights are a great time for students to gather to have fun, play games, and learn how they can apply what they learn in Genesis from the previous Sunday mornings. Even if a student missed the previous Sunday morning, this is still for them!