We believe that everyone grows and matures in their walk with Jesus as we serve others. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved and serve. Check out the opportunities that we offer below.


If you play an instrument, sing, or like technology, this may be for you!


If you enjoy graphic design, social media, or making videos, this may be for you!


If you like answering phones, or like administrative tasks, this may be for you!


If you like to work with your hands, or fix things when they're broken, this may be for you!


If you enjoy working with babies or elementary age kids, this may be for you!


If you enjoy working with Middle & High schoolers, this may be for you!


If you enjoy being friendly and meeting new people, this may be for you!


If you like hosting people, or teaching the Bible to others, this may be for you!

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Worship Ministry


This ministry consists of three major areas: Musicians, Vocalists, and Production Team. All three areas have one collective goal: to pursue and help others pursue a continually transforming relationship with God. One way we help to do that is ministering to people through music with excellence and authenticity.  



The media ministry does a number of things. For instance, some people that help with this area may help to make a video for the church that will be used during service or put on the web. Others may help with social media content or the website. While others may help to create graphics that are used around the church to market and advertise. This area does require creativity and the ability to be trained in the specific area you want to help with.



Organized and administrative? The office ministry offers a number of opportunities to help the church out. From answering phones, folding bulletins, making documents (when needed), or filling in for the church secretary when she's out of the office. Training can be offered.



The maintenance crew does a lot to keep the church grounds up and running. They do a number of things: mowing, weed eating, cleaning up the parking lot, changing out light bulbs and ballasts, painting, some plumbing, and other things as well. It's physical, but fun work.



CCC loves kids! The children's ministry works with kids from infancy to 5th grader. There are plenty of opportunities to help teach these children about God and His love for them. From leading a Sunday school class, watching children while their parents engage in a small group, leading them in worship, or even helping out with events like VBS. Serving in this ministry area does require a background check.



Here at CCC we believe in loving, teaching, and raising up the next generation. The teens ministry here at CCC offers many opportunities to do just that! From mentoring students, to chaperoning events, there are countless ways to get on beat with "Pulse". Helping in this ministry area does require a background check.



To us, guests are a BIG deal! Our goal is to reflect Jesus, even before our guests experience a service. If you genuinely enjoy people, understand the impact of a first impression, and love making others feel welcome, this would be a great fit for you. 



We want every believer to be in a group, and in order for that to happen we need help. Groups are a vital part of helping a person mature in their faith. With that said, we have to have people willing to host a group at their house, and others who will lead and/or facilitate a group. This sound like something you feel called to do?  Let's talk!

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